Phone Extensions

Phone Extensions Fort Collins Office:

Medical Assistant for Dr. Tamara Miller Option 1,2 (x74415)
Medical Assistant/Scribe for Dr. Tamara Miller Option 1, 3 (x74432)
Medical Assistant for Courtney Weir NP Option 1, 4 (x74424)
Medical Assistant for Dr. Augusto Miravalle Option 1, 5 (x74443)
Botox Authorizations and billing Option 2 (x74444)
Test Scheduling and Authorization, Oral Medication Authorizations Option 3, 2 (x74447)
Front Desk and Medical Records Option 4 (x74455)
Claims Manager/Billing Option 5 (x74438)
Infusion Nurse Option 6 (x74446)
Infusion Authorizations Option 3, 3 (x74441)
Front Desk Option 0 (x74410)
Study RN, Study MA x74436
Study Coordinator x74465

Phone Extensions Longmont Office:

Front Desk Option 1 (x1000)
Medical Assistant for Dr. Sarah Yang Option 3 (x1002)
Medical Assistant for Dr. Jill Olson Option 4 (x1004)