Phone Extensions:

Amber (MA for Dr. Tamara Miller) x74415 (opt 1, 2)
Cole (MA for Dr. Tamara Miller) x74442 (opt 1, 3)
Maci (MA for Dr. Jill Olson) x74424 (opt 1, 4)
Jules  (MA for Dr. Augusto Miravalle) x74443 (opt 1, 6)
Tammy (Authorizations and Test Scheduling) x74444(opt 2)
Tracie (Front Desk and Medical Records) x74455 (opt 4)
Lori (Claims Manager) x74438 (opt 5)
Lisa RN (Infusion Nurse) x74446(opt 6)
Kate (Front Desk/Scheduling) x74432 (opt 7)
Debbie (Front Desk) x74410
Kelley  (Study RN) Jen  (Study MA) x74436
Steph (Study Coordinator) x74465